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Have an idea for your own software, but development is not in your wheelhouse? Is your business planning to launch a new software product, but needs extra software developers to meet the deadlines? Wildcat Software Design can easily assist to meet your project needs.

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Wildcat is an industry leading mobile applications development company with experience in creating mobile apps of any complexity for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. From enterprise-grade mobile solutions that automate mission-critical business processes to B2C apps that generate recurring revenues, your success is our reward.

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Wildcat developed Saber Tooth to solve a huge need in the IT industry.  Saber Tooth creates documentation for end network devices for global to small business network infrastructures.

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Who we are

Wildcat believes that changes in technology are never a dreadful process, but are actually opportunities to harness and transform them into assets. This belief allows us to become a flexible, but structured, software development company. The use of technological innovations, trends, and continual improvements to enhance our knowledge base, is what has made us a preferred company for many industries. Engineering creativity and bolstering talent to develop rich custom products has helped us reach this stage of being the best small business software company in Florida.

Software Development that’s Economical

Florida’s business friendly taxes and low cost of living allows us to pass that savings on to you, unlike our competition

Software built to your specs

Have an idea for an innovative made-to-order product? Is your current software solution missing the few "extras" to make your business run smoother? The Wildcat software development team will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures, and internal communication processes. Whether it's creating a product from the ground up or adding functionality to an existing product, Wildcat can deliver what is needed.

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flat mobile devices

flat mobile devices

Mobile Applications

As every company is unique, so should their apps. World-class apps aren’t built overnight, so the first step begins with a phone call.  This allows us to personally understand your organization, your target users, and most importantly, the mobile app that you want built. Whether it’s a cloud-based enterprise level solution or a startup idea, our initial conversation will determine if Wildcat is a good fit for you.  As a small business, we pride ourselves in working exclusively with companies that have projects that we are excited about. Being selective allows us to give each of our customers the personal attention they deserve. During our initial conversation, we will seek to fully understand the project at hand, by asking you a series of questions. Based on your answers, we will offer suggestions and detail the next steps.

Our Approach is simple

Before a single line of code is written; the first step to creating a custom turnkey app is defining the user experience that is desired. This front end approach allows us to deliver you the successful product you are looking for.  We will conduct an initial Discovery Meeting where our team will ask deeper questions about your app’s objective, your company, your users, your brand, and your technical requirements. The complexity of the project will determine how we build the architectural scope detailing the technical operating environment of the app. The architecture we build specifies how your app will tie into existing databases, servers, websites, or third party systems.

Project Flow & Wireframes

Based on the requirements for your project, we will design and lay out every single screen, determine all the app’s internal logic and external interactions, and identify every single user scenario. This process will require your constant input as we create every step of how your app will behave. We will begin design once the final Wireframes are approved.


In order for us to design your app, we must better understand your brand and identify any visual elements you desire or envision your app to look like. We will ask you questions that help you determine what elements you prefer, and most importantly, identify why particular elements are appealing to you.

  • Create a list of the apps (or functions) you dislike and the apps (or functions)
    you enjoy using every day.
  • Do you prefer a more modern clean look or would you rather have a vintage look?
  • Do you like shadowing and 3D effects or do you prefer a clean flat look?

Using the previously approved Wireframes, together we will select the app's essential UI's and begin designing the theme. This step is very collaborative and we will submit each iteration for your approval until a final one is approved and signed off. At this point you will know exactly what your app's look and feel will be as we being the coding phase.



All the steps taken so far have successfully eliminated the guesswork so now we can concentrate on creating the world-class code for your app. Developing apps is an iterative process where all stakeholders test releases or builds. We will send all builds to your devices via a testing platform. We’ll work together to exhaustively test the whole mobile solution from a design, feature-set, and functionality perspective until your app is ready to deploy. Once your app is fully developed we will assist you in deploying your mobile solution to the App Store, Google Play, and/or your own servers for any back-end deployment.

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Saber Tooth
Software Suite

Saber Tooth was developed to solve the problem of companies not documenting their networks correctly.  This lack of documentation opens the door for mistakes to happen when manually configuring or maintaining these devices, which ends up costing companies thousands of dollars by having outages or lengthy troubleshooting sessions.  Saber Tooth helps prevent this by creating a network specbook, specific to each device.  These specbooks are created from the live configuration files from the end devices; such as routers, switches, servers, etc.

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flat mobile devices

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