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About our Network Team

Currently our team has well over 80 years of collective hands on experience working on networks from a wide variety of industries;  The Department of Defense, U.S. Army, other Government agencies nationwide, Commercial Telecom Carriers, Global Financial Institutions, Health Care Companies, and Insurance Companies; to name a few.  With this extensive knowledge and experience we saw a huge need to create a solution for documenting networks correctly and to industry standards.  Thus Saber Tooth was born!  Using the best practices from a variety of different methods, we have created a standardized template to organize the cumbersome command line data of network end devices into an easy to read spreadsheet in table format.

Help prevent outages with
accurate documentation

Become the industry standard

Specbook Creation

Why is network documentation so important? To effectively administer a network you must have accurate and complete documentation that meets industry standards. Real-Time Networks are the life blood of all companies. Properly maintained Network Specification Booklets will ensure the vital signs of the company stay strong by preventing outages and reducing costs. Saber Tooth allows you to create a specbook with your network data which will save your company money by reducing administration time, preventing contractual fines or loss of revenues from outages, and lowers overall troubleshooting sessions. Saber Tooth is revolutionizing the network industry by becoming the standard for documentation practices.

How the process works:

First we have a meeting to determine your needs based on the kind of network you have and the devices on it. Once the workload is agreed upon and the contract is signed, you will send us a config file for each network device you want a specbook created for. Our auditors will verify the data and create the specbook. Once the specbook is generated it will be reviewed for completeness and the final approved copy will be sent to you.

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"Stare & Compare" Audits

What is an Audit and why is it necessary? Unfortunately, most network documentation is NOT created to industry standards, even for large corporations. Even more shocking is the amount of companies that have very little to no documentation at ALL!

How does this happen?

– Insufficient training

– Lack of time to create or maintain document(s)

– Employee laziness or belief that it provides job security

Auditing specbooks at specified intervals prevents this by becoming part of the process!

This process allows an unbiased analysis of what the specbook says compared to the data configured on the end device. Each audit will flag the mismatches between the documentation and the config file. After the audit is completed, we ensure your network engineer(s) are made aware of any discrepancies found by hosting an audit review call. Your engineer(s) will provide us a resolution to each finding and we add those notes to the final audit document. At this time the document is sent to you with all the final feedback to the Field Technicians for any configuration changes needed.

We have a proven track record that this method will not only save you money, but can also be an extra source of revenue for those companies who resell or provides these type of services to their customers.

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Configuring routers made easy

Configuration Creation

Based on customer demand and feedback, we are currently developing a new feature for Saber Tooth to automatically create router configs. It will work by you filling out a custom specbook template with all the network configurable data needed for that box. Once the specbook is completely filled out, you will send it to us and we will auto generate the config for you. Once the config is generated, we will send it to you. This method will save you time in configuring boxes by hand, line by line, while also already having an up to date specbook to reflect that device.
We expect to have this service available by end of 2015.

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